The fitting of contact lenses is an exacting procedure, requiring our skill and your determination and patience.  We use only the highest quality contact lenses.  We promise that we will do our best to help you wear these contacts comfortably and safely. 

A comprehensive eye examination must be performed in this office prior to the contact lens fitting.  This examination includes a complete eye evaluation to look for eye disease, a refraction to determine the contact lens power, and measurements of the surface of the eyes to determine the contact lens shape.  This examination enables Dr. Eldridge to make recommendations about the type of contact lenses best suited to your eyes.  The charge for this examination is either $125.00 or $150.00. 

On a different day, you will then return for a contact lens trial fitting during which different lenses are placed on your eyes, the fit and comfort are evaluated, and your contact lenses are ordered.  The cost of this visit is usually $195.00, but may be more if special lenses are being fitted.  This fee includes the fitting procedure, the contact lenses, all accessories, instruction, any adjustment of lens fit or power required, and all follow-up examinations for the first three months.  At least half of the fee is due before the lenses are ordered.  The balance is due when the lenses are picked up.  For your convenience, we accept Visa and MasterCard.  Lenses will not be dispensed until your account is paid in full. 

If for any reason you return the contact lenses with the accessories in good condition within three months after the initial fitting, one-third of the total fee will be refunded.  There will be no exceptions. 

Lenses lost, damaged, or worn out will be replaced at your request.  We encourage you to replace your lenses frequently.  We have made an effort to keep lens replacement costs competitive with other sources such as drug stores and mail order.  Hard lenses are all custom made and require several days to replace.  Overnight shipping by Federal Express and direct shipping to your home is often available at extra charge.  There will be no refunds for replacement hard lenses that are ordered and not picked up or returned.  Replacement lenses will be neither ordered nor dispensed if you have not had a follow-up examination within the past year.

An Eye M.D. is an ophthalmologist - a medical doctor who provides the full spectrum of eye and vision care. From eyeglasses and contact lenses to medication and surgery, your Eye M.D. will help you keep your sight for life.

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